Safe and efficient medicines, prevention of false laboratory results, and immediate response and safe blood products are the most of our concern. Mitigating risks in cold chain transport by bringing them at the right moment, our service practices are validated to bring all materials safe regardless of ambient temperature profiles. 
Distribution of pharmaceutical products are more becoming of a challenge, Regulatory and product stability protocols are becoming more strict in delivering life-saving products, and it is proprietary to take extra precaution in handling to guarantee safety of pharmaceutical products.
Transport or specimen collection requires a meticulous process it is often done in in a timely manner, but what should not be taken for granted is the prescribed environment to mitigate risks of having false results. 
Blood products must also be kept at prescribed environment when transported, safety of the patient must always be in mind in packaging and transporting, too much coldness or heat may lead to spoilage. Immediate assistance is also a must.
PharmaServ Express is a company that pays special attention to cold chain, it is equipped with state of the art facilities promoting timely deliveries and Temperature guaranteed deliveries. The only company in the Philippines that is first to guarantee products from temperature excursions.