Free pharmaceutical courses can be found online for users looking to learn without the trouble of registration or tuition. These courses, however, cannot offer students academic credit. For those trying to earn a certificate or credits for school, provides comparatively low-cost courses that students can use to attain credit. The engaging courses include video and text lessons paired with interactive practice assessments.

Students looking to learn more about the pharmaceutical field might be interested in Communication Skills for Pharmacists, which includes chapters on:

  • Interpersonal Communication for Pharmacists - Learn about professionalism in communication, interpersonal relationships, the pharmacist-patient relationship, and how to be an empathic communicator.
  • Conflict Management for Pharmacists - Explore cultural differences in conflict response, styles of conflict management, and related concepts.
  • Written Communication for Pharmacists - Review nondiscriminatory language, the tone and voice of your message, determining the purpose of your message, and the importance of proofreading