Temperature Controlled Transport Services

Credo ProMed

Minnesota Thermal Science, in response to an identified need by its pharmaceutical clients looking for a dependable, easy to use “load and go” thermal protection soft-side bag – minus the mess and inconvenience of ice or gel pack insulation.

The new Credo PROMEDTM temperature-controlled portable medical transport solutions were designed with the needs of first responders and hospital couriers in mind. The same patented passive thermal protection technology that is part of the Credo Cube product family is now available in three convenient payload volume sizes. These hand portable, highly durable and convenient to use soft-sided bags offer.

Freight and Forwarding Solutions

Credo Thermal Shippers

To protect and safely transport critical temperature-sensitive materials.

Share your specific needs and we will recommend a Credo container to meet your payload size, weight, duration and temperature requirements that will reduce payload risk.

Reduce training, pack out time and overall distribution costs.

Easy and quick assembly all year round with fewer components and flexible modular design allowing for smaller inventory and storage needs.

Gain Highest Return on Investment.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Clinical Trial logistics are becoming more challenging. This requires a higher level of expertise. Distribution at the right specification and at the right time is a must. Evidence of every procedure must also be provided.

We are equipped with the expertise and solution in able to bring success in every trial.

Commercial Product Distribution

PharmaServ’s expertise in nationwide deliveries reaches to the far flung areas of the Philippines. Our systems are proven to last even in the remotest region without any breach in cold chain. Ambient shipping profiles are not fitted for most of the product that are required in room temperature, proper transport must be observed even when shipping.

We offer different models in distribution, our company can help you grow your business by leveraging from proper transport securing safety and efficacy of your medicines.

Vaccine Distribution

Vaccines are temperature sensitive, proper pack out procedures must be observed, too much coldness by putting ice may freeze the vaccines proper conditioning and staging must be done properly to prevent this from freezing. Heat exposures may shorten the shelf life of vaccines and too much of it may affect the vaccines efficacy. There are studies in which mishandled products may lead to adverse reactions making the product harmful to the users. 

Pharmaceutical Products Distribution

PharmaServ Express system is validated by the Department of Health of the Philippines. Our experience in transporting Vaccines, Oncology drugs and other temperature sensitive drugs nationwide gives us the edge in doing this service. Compliance to every regulatory guidelines is the key to success in order to deliver the safety of every drug not only efficacy. Keeping in mind that a patient life is at stake in every handling.

Blood Courier Services

Hospitals, maternity clinics and dialysis centers are our main clients we can pick up blood products for their patients on either scheduled or urgent basis for their patients. Patient does not need now to pick up blood products from the blood bank by their own. Either the healthcare facility may request us or the patients can access this service. Most importantly, we are now sure that every blood product is handled carefully and its integrity is maintained.

Specimen Rental & Collection

Pharmaserv express bridges hospitals and home care to laboratory services.

We are trained on how to handle & transport specimens like plasma samples, cord bloods, bone marrow samples and other laboratory specimens direct to testing laboratories. Partnering with our services and key institutions will now enable your institution to provide every service available in the Philippines.